I like the idea of what I eat making it easier to do things. Cycle, run, adventure, walk down the street. That said, I’m not going to be filling my bidon with beetroot juice just yet.

Last summer we dined on egg rolls. Each ride, Lucy religiously turned up with neatly wrapped sandwiches, and I inevitably mocked them. There are two points on a ride when egg rolls are great: when you’re riding in the cold and the weather acts like a fridge for your knuckles and the sandwiches; and when you haven’t eaten for 20 miles (I say this – there’s barely a time when we aren’t eating). This year, I’m spending time finding out what tasty alternatives exist.

There’s been a rise in healthy food blogging with the focus on nutrition and getting goodness into your body at the moment. I bloody love it. Out with ‘low fat’ and in with stuff that’s good for you. For me, it sits somewhere between eating ‘real food’ and spending all my money in health food stores. Sometimes is leans perilously close to the latter. I’ve trialled a bunch of recipes to find ones that are all genuinely tasted.

I started looking into it because I wanted to know foods that can help with asthma. My lungs aren’t all that in winter. Turns out there’s a bunch of food you can eat that helps with that. Then I got drawn in. It’s pretty fascinating.

I’ve tested out different recipes. Some of them are portable, all of these are damn delicious.

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