Hello. I’m Claire. That’s my face.

I like adventures that feel like they slow time down. I like pointing at a place on a map and wondering if I can get there by bike, bike shops that feel like home, exploring the continent, silent woods, and screaming at sand tracks.

As Collyn Ahart says: “Adventure is not a trip you take, it’s everything you do.” I kind of need that feeling or I don’t feel like I’m really living quite right.

I like people who have their own weird adventures too. People who are excited about a new project, people whose eyes light up when they talk about them, who are interested in community, and people who give a shit.

I felt like it should be easier to find out about interesting rides and about people doing awesome rad stuff. Seeing more of them, not just a select bit of cycling.

So these are the kind of things I do and write about.

– Claire


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