Brooklyn bike shops tour: from King Kog to finding the NotChas art bike

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The best way to get to know a city is to meet the people. Then, when they ask if you want to go to a dive bar or their favourite bike shops, do that too. John Alcantara, after talking about exploring, adventures and disappearing off the grid, showed me his favourite bike shops in Brooklyn. And I borrowed his Crust bike for a bit, which was fun.

Sun and Air

We started at Sun and Air and quickly headed to the water to look at Manhattan. I took zero photos of Sun and Air, busy falling for the black sparkly All City frames, but John describes the place: “The vibe I get when I come into Sun And Air is like a home kinda feel where the staff is very welcoming and very friendly. Also they serve coffee and DANK goodies as well.” – John

King Kog Brooklyn

King Kog was full of old steel frames, patches and memorabilia, Arnold at work and a small dog who was both curious and wary of everything. “I get the same home-feel vibe at King Kog. There’s more NJS bikes and frames in this shop then Sun and Air. Also there’s a awesome pizza shop next door called Sizzle Pizza.” – John

Small interlude after, passing distracting graffiti

Deluxe Cycles

‘The Chas bike’ was living at Deluxe Cycles when we visited. Chas Christiansen’s Mash SF ‘art frame’ illustrated track bike is so detailed and fun and weird (more photos of the frame and wheels here). The shop itself is full of very shiny bikes, old race numbers and a Keirin bike I had to be pulled away from as I was working out how I could get it home.

Race numbers

Art Bike

Falling in love, and being pulled away

718 Cyclery

On 718 Cyclery: “I love how they offer Micro Tour (weekend) trips for people that are interested in getting into bike camping and showing them the way with the proper gear to have and what not to bring. They also sell my favorite company Crust bikes so if you ever around and want to try one just go in and ask!! (But you’ve already ridden one now heh!)” – John

Small interlude spent admiring said Crust bike:

Excessively large mudguards

#2 Rad Dad

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ClaireBrooklyn bike shops tour: from King Kog to finding the NotChas art bike