Getting lost in Brandenburg: Berlin to the abandoned Oranienburg Airport

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Berlin is pretty good for abandoned buildings. There are weird old soviet hospitals, deserted ballrooms, and abandoned military testing grounds left to rot. Flugplatz Oranienburg is a short hop from the centre of the city, about 30km out. Deserted building bible Abandoned Berlin says “Flugplatz Oranienburg used to be home to fearless test pilots, engineers, mechanics, military advisors, warmongers, soldiers, airplanes, bombs and all sorts of other frightening and dastardly equipment.”

And that all sounds fun, but mostly when Timo asked if I wanted to go on a bike ride in 20 minutes time on a Sunday evening, I didn’t know about any of that. But riding to a strange airport space north of Berlin, a place where I haven’t really cycled much, just sounded rad. Especially when it was sunny out and I was feeling fidgety.

Here is an exciting video of it. Woohoo.

Between Timo and Dom, who are both very quick riders but when put together seem to become exceptionally bad at map reading when it involves a mobile phone, we found ourselves lost in Brandenburg.

Paper maps, kinda worked at the start.

“Oh, we are in Brandenburg!”
(This is funny because Brandenburg surrounds Berlin. This joke is made all the better for me tediously explaining it.)

We got lost in some fields. There was a bit of rain, an endless road of cobbles, lots of blue sweets at the petrol station (where we almost spent half the trip), and a banging sunset under the haze of an e-number-powered high. And then we arrived.

Sunset on arrival

The giant doors to the aircraft hanger

After exploring the building which is small but very cool, we found a shady bunker around the back too.

Timo told a really traumatising story about a rave in an abandoned building when we were in this room. Dom debated climbing the rusted window frames before realising they were hanging by only a nail.

Don’t ask me for the route. But it is about 30km outside the city and it is here: Flugpionierstraße, 16515 Oranienburg, Germany.

It looks something like this:

ClaireGetting lost in Brandenburg: Berlin to the abandoned Oranienburg Airport