The Berliner Fahrradschau in pictures: a ridiculous amount of good stuff

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I found myself feeling incredibly lucky that so many people I know like bikes. It is largely on purpose, but it still feels like wild luck. At the Berliner Fahrradschau, after four hours of trackstand and tricks sessions, I laughed when I imagined a few other friends giving me suspicious looks for the ways I choose to spend my weekends. But walking about the space, feeling people’s excitement in one place was really special. Feeling surrounded by people that also like to spend their weekends getting excited about the same thing was magical.

The different types of of cycling that came together was brilliant and it felt homely. I bumped into so many faces from the last few months since I’ve lived here, and a lot of guys from London came over – which I wasn’t expecting. Very good on many levels.

Here’s the whole thing in 60 seconds. A number I am fond of.

Watching friends in obstacle race competitions, making new pals, falling in love with frames, the SHE36 Cake Ride, finding new things each day, getting blown away by the first Rad Race event of the year, screaming my heart out, seeing the stream of cyclists flock in, and the week of ‘late night of bike shops’ that left me shattered before the weekend had even started. Magic.

London people! Alex from Look Mum No Hands and London Bike Kitchen folk being menaces in their bike rental bike gang.

Meeting Jenni from London Bike Kitchen mid bike chitchat mode on the SHE36 Cake Ride. They were running a bunch of sessions during the weekend.

Cake Ride stopping at Keirin.

Falling in wild love with this sold out frame. Oh it hurts.

Radkunst. As you do.

It’s really hard to capture the colouring on this Suicycles frame (above and below), but it’s just the raw heated tarnished metal colouring and it is beautiful.

Pals being good at trackstands and tricks.

The guys at Brother put up with me skipping around shouting about how nice their water bottles (and frames, yes yes) were for a solid five minutes and I am very grateful.

Post race cool-down.

Creeping on the bike polo frames.

Fidget-inducing exhibiton.

Bike art. Did not read the caption and cannot provide actual information beyond ‘oh look, primary colours!’.

Guerilla marketing

Part of SHE36‘s exhibiton about empowering bike ladies.

Weekend of banging bike women continued mid-SHE 36 Cake ride when we stopped at Keirin and I got distracted by Zines. Some of Kosuke Aoki of Slow Squad‘s photos of NY’s Becky spotted.

Small amount of window shopping at the Steel Vintage Bike stand.

Bizarre use of rack, by Wood You Ride. Perhaps not their pineapple.

ClaireThe Berliner Fahrradschau in pictures: a ridiculous amount of good stuff