The Cycle Messenger World Championships 2016 in pictures

In Copenhagen, Features by Claire

The Cycle Messenger World Championships take stamina. The race itself was an intense three hour speedfest, but for anyone who took part in the European Champs at the end of July and followed it up by cycling across Europe straight into August’s 700-strong world event? Kudos. Even then, winner Jojo from Copenhagen cycled straight back to Germany to race with Mess Pack teammates Hagen and Rafael in the Rad Race Hamburg event – and take second place. You can sleep when you die, right?

I meanwhile, managed to celebrate the final night by fracturing my jaw and chin, so whilst half the CMWC guys have the blues and I have the codeine blurs, here are some photos from the event (ones that I took after I replaced a lost phone, at any rate). Quick video of Finals day above. Bunch of photos below. It was super special to be part of such a strange, beautiful race.

CMWC 2016Met Trine and interviewed her about Copenhagen messlife

CMWCCMWC tattoos

CMWC 2016Riding with the Copenhagen guys on a carb hunt, before Trine destroyed double-dinners and confused the restaurant staff

CMWCOne of my favourite photos taken by Hagen with Rafael showing off whilst this dude stalked us on our ride to the qualifiers

CMWC 2016100 qualifying riders heading to the starting line of the final

30 second video of the start of the finals, with 100 messengers charging past – magic

CMWC 2016Rad ladies kicking ass

The first bend with Fergie from Copenhagen looking pretty serious despite the Hawaiian shirt

CMWC 2016This amazing machine – the first guy would trackstand at the checkpoints whilst the second guy hopped off and did super efficient pickups, later joined by a stuffed donkey friend

CMWC 2016 checkpoint fun“No bikes in the fucking office” – Aussie heckling from our checkpoint

CMWC 2016 Jojo Mess PackJojo on one of his first pizza pickups before storming the rest of the course and going on to win

CMWC 2016 Chaz TCBFlying takeoff by Chaz

CMWC 2016 Mess Pack HagenHagen picking up for Messpack Berlin

CMWC 2016Chistole donkey friend in action, joining later in the race

CMWC 2016Sweaty courier checkpoint humour

CMWC 2016Don’t fuck with the kitchen staff

CMWC 2016 ChaseChase is in Europe filming a project about Bullitt cargo bikes – his obsession/love affair with them is the best

CMWC 2016Midnight hospital fun with Talor

CMWC 2016Cycles Laurent have some good 1930s cycling swag hanging in their store – they helped me get my bike home too with a lot of smiles and high fives

ClaireThe Cycle Messenger World Championships 2016 in pictures