Scrapbook: joy-filled Friday

In Outbound by Claire

This week I have been very very cold. Then I rediscovered my winter kit and became very very smug and subsequently very very sweaty. London has been reminding everyone that it does in fact know what winter is and it’s very good at it, thank you very much. Here, warm yourself with a nice roundup of shiny internet.

Brilliant new things

  • Copenhagen, not content with one whacky bike bridge, is building another. Always in favour.
  • Brompton Bikes is after your 15 second videos.
  • Trinity Buoy Wharf is my favourite place. Go there and enjoy the new audio guide.
  • Sprout: ‘Pencils with seeds in the end. Finish the pencil, plant the end, water it a bit, watch stuff grow.’
  • Run crew Still Waters Run Deep met This Girl Can. Brilliant news.
  • Not so brilliant in the grand scheme of the world, but very interesting. Shrinking ice caps forced National Geographic to change its atlas.
  • Bournemouth’s first cycle cafe has hit its Kickstarter. Yippee!
  • This brutally honest guide to losing weight.
  • Quit your job, become a bike builder. Time Out meets Matthe Sowter.
  • #YouthLens: these 5 teens are capturing the world around them. Typically Vice-like.
  • Flat out puncture repair at the kerb side? There’s an app for that now – call on a nearby courier to come and both fix your puncture and make the same expression I’m wearing now whilst writing this. What a terrifying concept.
  • Trends, tech and think pieces

  • My friend Emily has an excellent Black Friday reminder. “On the ‘biggest consumer day of the year’ a reminder that you don’t have to purchase for the sake of purchasing today. Take a moment to think… Do you need it? Do they need it? Get creative with gifts this year and show love through more thoughtful means. Go outside, have FREE FUN, be grateful and most importantly, be kind.”
  • My pal Lucy says: “You should read “Stuffocation“, it’s as if someone’s put on to paper the things I’ve been thinking about consumerism.” Experiences over things, please. Although you’ll erm, have to buy the book.
  • On the hunt for some gorgeous UK spots to visit. I want to go at least three of these, soon.
  • My friend Laura is in Rwanda working on an amazing project.
  • Clever, useful things (that might change the world)

  • This’ll be quite big, I reckon. Bigger than last time. ‘A popup campaign now in its second outing. In 2012, a group of London cyclists joined together to start meetings and actions in the run-up to the Mayoral elections. We remain an independent movement, run by and for London cyclists who want to see a change that puts people first on our streets.’
  • Meditation’s going on the curriculum. Good.
  • Adventure kit list by Alistair Humphreys: the gear I take on every expedition.
  • “This is where the magic happens.” An exploration into creativity in bed.
  • Beautiful things (photography, pictures and sound)

  • “‘Lost then Found’ has made me want to quit my job and buy a kayak and immediately go to Norway.”
  • China From Above: ‘Just beautiful photos, these.’
  • ‘I am doing some REALLY BORING WORK. Briefly got distracted by these beautiful tilt-shifted photos of space.
  • Tim’s 360 Degree Photos of space
  • ‘This piece makes me wish I’d cared about photography when I cycled round the world!’
  • This gave me all the joy this week.
  • Life, thinking and long reads

  • Thunder & Lightning: An Extraordinary Illustrated Celebration of the Weather and Its Role in the Human Experience.
  • Runners talk about miscarriages in sport. Julie from Like The Wind magazine has written an excellent article, sharing her own story.
  • Into the Quiet Zone: An American county living entirely off the grid. Interesting as heck.
  • Positive quitting. 15 ways to start.
  • ‘Ruthless priotisations’ is not about prioritizing a list of my work tasks, it’s about prioritizing a list of everything in my life.
  • Feminism has a branding problem, especially among the young. This AEON longread suggests that the emerging generation see feminism as an act, an exclusive and antagonistic identity, rather than as a lens for equality, and so don’t identify with the term.” Really enjoyed this.
  • Super inspiring about old age and the joy it brings. Oliver Sacks on gratitude, the measure of living and the dignity of dying.
  • Just so you know. Psychopaths don’t catch yawns.
  • ClaireScrapbook: joy-filled Friday