Outbound: Hygge, Norwegian roads, living under the sea and some mental bike adventures

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Between Norwegian mountains, Berlin exploring, new freelance work and cycling from London to Paris in 24 hours this week, the last month or two have been busy. Not bereft of actual time to sit and work on the site, but the feeling of constant movement is both brilliant and easy to get swept along with. Moments for pausing are underrated. As such, my inbox is a compendium of fun things to share. I hope you love them, and smirk at some of the things as much as I did.

Brilliant new things

  • 8 unknown islands you need to discover in the British Isles (I want a windy trip to Lundy)
  • International designers escaped to a Swedish island to create the perfect rural getaway + the results are BEAUTIFUL. If you like this, check out when I met The Jaunt.
  • Artists
  • Not sure this is brilliant frankly. The Bird of Prey Bicycle: “Pretty much every cyclist who saw this on Twitter responded with a fairly firm ‘No, this looks ridiculous’, but maybe YOU will be the exception. A bike designed to be ridden lying face-down with your bum in the air, this basically looks like a massive accident waiting to happen, or at the very least a fairly certain bet for humiliating / offensice comments about the rider’s sexual readiness. It does seem to make the user look a touch…vulnerable.”
  • 11 minute film on 1956 Central London Traffic well worth a watch and will make you feel like you’re in the future: “A cornucopia of familiar and not-so-familiar vehicles greet the eye in this colourful 50s research film looking at central London traffic congestion. A horse-drawn brewery dray frustrates motorists crawling over Tower Bridge, while an inconsiderate Rentokil van-driver snarls up Oxford Street. Over in Soho, the elegant saloon cars of movie moguls create parking pandemonium in the Square.”
  • Inevitably beautiful despite the linkbait-esque title: 10 Secret Scottish Islands That Every Traveller Must Visit
  • This is a bit old and a bit brilliantly stupid: Chris Eubank goes Youth Hostelling
  • Curious thoughts and trends

  • Everyone is crushing on the word Hygge: scandinavian fireside smugness (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’). Let’s spend winter practicing this.
  • ‘How Cross Got Cool’ – Rapha look into the fastest growing sub-genre of cycling, cyclocross. “I dare anyone to seek out a challenging cross ride and to not come back slightly changed.” Last time I tried anything resembling off-road cycling, I certainly came back feeling different in a brilliantly mind-boggled way.
  • The world’s most liveable cities
  • Will humans ever live under the sea? “This sales pitch for the undersea lifestyle is undeniably attractive.”
  • Clever, useful things (that might make the world substantially better)

  • Safe Trek: “Very sad that this has to exist, but it’s a great idea and clever design. Safe Trek is an app designed to help people feel safe when walking alone; the idea is that it calls the local police when triggered, so you can turn it on when walking somewhere you don’t feel entirely safe; holding your thumb on the phonescreen primes the app; if you remove your thumb from the screen without then entering a PIN, the cops get the call. Really neat design.”
  • “Bike adventure next summer?” my friend asked, sending me Scotland’s 500 mile answer to Route 66
  • This map.
  • Beautiful things (moving pictures and sound)

  • Be amazed by a super-charged volcanic ash cloud sparked by lightning. I bloody well am.
  • Longboarders tackle the fjords of Norway. If you were the sort of person that had a top 10 list of tarmac, these would rank highly.
  • Rad video on what cycling is to the women of Los Angeles.
  • The section where it all gets a bit life & philosophy (medium – long reads)

  • “We live in an amazing world and we’re spoilt idiots.” Louis CK on gratitude & happiness
  • “It’s not necessarily a feeling of running away, or of escape, but just a bit of time to reconnect – to get your pieces back.” This article about grounding yourself, with just you and the earth is beautiful: “When I am standing by the sea, the waves in rhythm with my breathing, it is as if I am the water.”
  • Brainpickings on leisure time. “We have come to see the very notion of “leisure” not as essential to the human spirit but as self-indulgent luxury. And yet the most significant human achievements […] originated in leisure, in moments of unburdened contemplation, of absolute presence with the universe within one’s own mind and absolute attentiveness to life without.”
  • ClaireOutbound: Hygge, Norwegian roads, living under the sea and some mental bike adventures