Outbound: the sound of waves and adventures in finding meaning

In Outbound by Claire

This little roundup of adventurey links gets excited about the sea this week. Listen to sea sounds, sound gardens and see gorgeous Iceland and Norway waves, and people meeting the ocean for the first time.

After cycling to the seaside at Littlehampton, I’ve the urge to go and sit by some more waves this week. I’m working by The Tate Modern at the moment and, pacing past the jolly, trumpeting buskers and through the crowds earlier this week at lunchtime, I found the tide was out, leaving behind what Londoners refer to as ‘a beach’. (This ‘beach’ reference probably causes anyone from a real coastline to be bemused.) But by the river that day, no one was was really paying attention to what was right in front of them, busily staring out at the view instead. Opening the gate to wander down the steps on to the sandy Thames bank felt like having a secret key to the city. The beach was deserted with a some friendly faces of both people and dogs. I read a lovely quote this week about how you can never really capture an experience with cameras or words and it reminded me of this Monday memory immediately. Sitting by my lunchtime ‘sea’ just listening to the waves, hidden from the city and almost alone felt beautiful.

  • From ‘La Mer’ to ‘Tintagel’ to ‘Sea Fever’. Six of the most evocative sea pieces, by BBC Music.
  • This ‘garden of sound’ is some kind of magic
  • Watching people seeing the ocean for the first time. An inspiring insight into the works and mind of Sophie Calle.
  • Conor MacNeill (who I interviewed just before he went travelling to Burma) is taking some stunning photos of the Faroe Islands right now (see above). Hit him up on Instagram.
  • “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” The Lexus Hoverboard is real and it’s amazing
  • Is there a connection between creativity and childhood nomadism?
  • An obsessively detailed map of American literature’s most epic road trips
  • happy lighthouseHappy lighthouse by Julius Von Bismarck

  • New favourite feed: Unmissable
  • Cycle your way around the Science museum
  • How to get to the Isles of Scilly – the UK’s most tropical islands. Turns out: not that hard, and it looks gorgeous.
  • Did you ever wish there was a Airbnb for camping spots? There is. It’s called @hipcampers. Currently only US based but exciting.
  • Ordnance Survey have launched their #GetOutside campaign.
  • Meet ‘technical cashmere’
  • This Italian Museum is breathtaking.
  • Museum
  • A little inspiration on two wheels for you. Londoners, Neil Phillips and his friend Tim, are currently cycling from Belgium to Instanbul unsupported for The Transcontinental Race .They’re covering about 300km+ a day at the moment. The site that they’ve made to track their progress is ace.
  • When it comes to off-the beaten track, few people know their stuff more than Sophie Ibbotson and Max Lovell-Hoare, who wrote the Bradt guidebook to South Sudan the world’s newest country (above, before it sadly fell into civil war). Here are 10 places they recommend in particular.
  • A 35-year-old American who thinks modern life is too stressful so works 6 months a year then goes cycle touring on $10/day
  • Kelly Slater’s new sustainable menswear venture goes live: Outerknown
  • Ride or die! A look at the radical, subversive power of the bicycle throughout history.
  • How Amsterdam became the bicycle capital of the world
  • And now on to the section where it all goes a bit philosophy:

  • What if money was no object? A beautiful speech by the late Alan Watts.
  • A midlife crisis by any other name. Really interesting.
  • What defines us? Sophie, whose full time life is all about adventures, writes a cracking article about what makes us.
  • “Being grown-up is widely considered to be a matter of renouncing your hopes and dreams, accepting the limits of the reality you are given, and resigning yourself to a life that will be less adventurous, worthwhile and significant than you had supposed when you began it.” Enough of that thanks, says Oliver Burkeman who talks about growing up.
  • Get excited about what you’re excited by. On finding meaning and loving what you do. Natalie Portman talks about her insecurities around acting, and the dubious trophy of seriousness for seriousnesses sake.
  • ClaireOutbound: the sound of waves and adventures in finding meaning