Seven beautiful films about bikes, from the Oakley film club

In Culture by Claire

Maybe people who cycle are more creative*. Maybe it’s the fact that there are so many different types of cyclist, using bikes in totally different ways. That’s always going to give you an amazing melting-pot of minds. Either they make damn good films. Oakley holds a Friday Film Club in their Exmouth Market pop-up. It is exceptionally not-boring. It got me feeling all the feelings. The films blew me away and made me feel all warm and happy about the world.

Last week when I went they showed an awesome, captivating and weird mix of stories, covering all the micro-communities and styles. All brilliantly shot. Some of them made me laugh, some gave me a slightly damp eye, all of them made me feel. Watch them all.

Now I really want to watch one of the BFI’s recommendations, Breaking Away, shot by Bullitt director and telling one of Hollywood’s first stories about the sport as it grew in the US.

*blatant link-bait chat.


Philippa and Nancy

Three-legged horses

My Ride

Peaks of Life

Keirin: leader don’t crash

My wonderful bicycle

ClaireSeven beautiful films about bikes, from the Oakley film club