Outbound: Japanese forest bathing and adventures closer to home

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Find a bunch of adventures, stories and good nonsense below. In this post, ‘Outbound’, a roundup of links that I put together every two weeks or so, there’s a Japanese name for the feeling of ‘forest bathing’: heading out to the countryside to snag some restorative, healing head zen. How beautiful. If we can find a neat name for the bliss of summer potential and how lovely the breeze feels, I’d be pretty chuffed.

  • London’s best running spots: six hidden gems
  • 10 of the best walks with swims nearby in London
  • Collyn Ahart talks about Bowndling, seven months in.
  • “Robin Arzon. Street Athlete. Former Lawyer. Ultra-marathoner. This upcoming documentary follows Robin on one of the toughest challenges of her life- to run five marathons in five days in the challenging terrain of the Utah desert to raise money for MS research. As the story unfolds you discover the traumas of her past and why she is propelled to continually push past her own limits.” I can’t wait for this documentary, and it’s currently mid-crowdfunding. Get involved.
  • I think twitter.com/amazingmap is my new favourite thing
  • Rocks in the sky: a geological mystery in pictures
  • Shinrin-yoku
  • The 20 most friendly bike cities on the planet.
  • Strava’s most popular London routes
  • An idiots guide to cleats (i.e. for me)
  • Free ferry to France for Cyclists klaxon! No excuses not to cycle London to Paris now.
  • GIF shows how many commuters travel into the City of London every day
  • “I love that the Japanese have a word for forest-bathing & the act of piling up unread books” (via @shhaded)
  • 20 of the best hiking trails in the world
  • “Don’t distract, immerse.” Some words on how to stop worrying by paying attention to the thing right in front of you (nothing blindingly new, but a nice read). I reckon that nature is super good for this, unsurprisingly.
  • Watch the first trailer for ‘Everest’
  • ‘The days are long but the decades are short’. Some good life lessons from Sam Altman
  • “Slacktivism: ‘feel-good online activism [with] zero political or social impact.’ It’s a refrain throughout the web: that watching a video from a charity, isn’t actually helping. Except maybe it is. This study showed that people who watched cause-related videos were inspired to act.” (via Rosie & Faris)
  • Let’s all go live in this tiny mountain cabin.
  • tiny cabin2
  • Mixed thoughts on these ball-shaped bike lights.
  • Your 24-hour plans for 10 must-do national parks.
  • Tom, on moving from a personal story to making films about “moving towards exploring and understanding issues that matter in today’s world.”
  • Are you a human [part 2]. Brilliant Ze Frank, as ever.
  • ClaireOutbound: Japanese forest bathing and adventures closer to home