Outbound: get banned from an island, map geekery & build an out-of-this world campervan

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It’s late at night, and I’ve just returned from running a marathon in Copenhagen and wheeling about enjoying their bike life. I’ve pulled together this week’s roundup of adventurey links and love it. They’re such a strange mix, from getting banned on an island to gorgeous skateboarding, or a campervan hut that looks like it came from another planet. Go go go.

  • Meet The Trip Advisor Effect.
  • Then learn about tripadvisor fatigue (from one of my favourite adland people, Faris).
  • Listen to Sir Bradley Wiggins’ Desert Island Discs.
  • Tourists vs. locals. Gorgeous Geotagged Maps Show How Locals And Tourists Take Different Pictures Around The World.
  • “This looks good if you are a woman and into landscape and adventure.”
  • Nice little article about Collyn Ahart and a couple other outdoor brand founders.
  • Meet the map makers. “Stephen Walter’s highly detailed, hand-drawn plans of the metropolis record long-forgotten histories and recent developments with a native Londoner’s critical eye.” The Guardian shares some of his gorgeous UK maps.
  • More map joy. Better than GPS: a history of cartography in 12 amazing maps – Better than GPS: a history of cartography in 12 amazing maps.
  • Portable treehouses. Need I say more?
  • Run Dem Crew captain Charlie Dark’s helped compiled this list of ‘5 city runs from the world’s coolest running crews.’
  • Take Nothing, Leave Nothing: How I came to be banned from the world’s most remote island, Tristan da Cunha.
  • Another beautiful story from Tom Southam. An ode to the cycling hat: “This hopelessly traditional, possibly outmoded, remarkably humble piece of headgear screams panache. And it’s really practical.”
  • The meaning of ‘Culture’.
  • “You grow up in a cult and everybody thinks there’s something wrong with you,” says Juliana Buhring, who cycled around the world.
  • You can do some seriously pretty things with a skateboard if you try hard enough.
  • If you are planning a big journey, Al Humpheys suggests you have a list like this.
  • I know of Rosie & Faris through working in advertising. Both big in NYC their own rights, then they upped-sticks to run a successful marketing company whilst travelling the world. “One of the most common questions we get about life on the road/runway is, “what did you do with all your stuff?!” We live life through the lens of our stuff, until we don’t. We got rid of 98% of our apartment, left with a few boxes of clothes, art we couldn’t bear to part with and a coffee table currently in storage in a basement in TN. (Thanks, mom!) At first, getting rid of stuff is hard. But throughout the process, it gets easier. And becomes more rewarding. And it seems we’re not the only ones who agree.
  • Rwandan cycling appeared in the 2012 film, Rising From the Ashes. Ace film and interesting article.
  • Camping On Instagram Vs. Camping In Real Life. Thanks Buzzfeed.
  • Six women who’ve ditched their lives in the 9-5 rat race to pursue a lifelong passion, whether that’s working as a safari manager in Africa or undergoing a 4,000-mile bike ride around the coast of Great Britain.
  • Engineers fiddled with a bicycle so the handlebars are backwards. Have fun watching people try to ride it.
  • I love love love Susie Chan talking to Bowndling about the Marathon Des Sables.
  • The School of Life presents an advert for staying at home.
  • The Do Lectures are back at the start of June. Michael Townsend used to be an alcoholic adman at Saatchi. Then he turned into a yogi. Unsurprisingly, he believes the world needs to calm down and we would all get a lot more done if we did. He’s created an app called Breathe Sync that’s an interesting little breathing app, that aims to improve focus (when stressed or in need of it) which I’ve just downloaded. But back to quitting advertising – here’s his talk about it all, from the Do Lectures.
  • This is not entirely adventure related. But it is splendid. An inventor talks about ideas.
  • ClaireOutbound: get banned from an island, map geekery & build an out-of-this world campervan