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Chuffed today; I’ve been working on a newsletter. Sign up for a bi-weeky (ish) email that gives you a ride guide, adventure inspiration or interview with someone ace. Now, back to the usual business of pretending to not spend all of Friday afternoon reading these links.

  • Presenting 25 of the best adventure, investigative and nature documentaries ever.
  • Cycling around with OCD. This is absolutely superb.
  • A strange bicycle-powered rollercoaster. In Japan, of course. Photos are pretty bonkers, strikes me as terrifying fun.
  • For the mountain lovers. An ace project by Google.
  • There are a lot of beautiful stories on the Mamnick website, a site I’ve just found. I just fell in love with this story on getting out of bed by Tom Southam.
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  • Penny farthing and some more serious crit business comes to London in June. If you haven’t noticed, there’s now an events section on the blog. Get more details on two wheels and non-two wheel events.
  • Amazing story about being chased 700 miles as you ‘yo-yo’ a round trip of 2,560+ miles around America.
  • The science of why you should spend your money on experiences, not things.
  • In one of their typically ace films, Nowness covers skateboarding in Palestine.
  • Did you see the BFI’s top 10 cycling films?
  • Always lovely when a design studio celebrates its latest font family, Velo, with a film featuring professional cyclist Dan Chabanov moodily cycling around.
  • House Industries: Velo from Monogram on Vimeo.

  • FatMaps: nothing to do with obesity, instead this is an app which offers pretty amazingly detailed maps of ski and snowboard routes. Can’t vouch for the practical applications, but it LOOKS lovely.”
  • If you’ve ever wanted to sew your own sports clothes, Melissa Fehr makes amazing patterns you can totally make yourself. I’m eying up the running shorts.
  • Ever fancied cycling across the US? Here’s a trailer a film about racing that journey. Casual.
  • “We are preoccupied with ourselves in unhelpful ways. The clouds, however, know nothing of us.” A film on staring up, by The philosopher’s Mail.
  • Snowboarder Billy Morgan lands a world-first 1800 quadruple cork trick. Not bad.
  • Dear god I love the Machines for Freedom cycling top. It appears in Cycling Tips’ women’s kit that we love list (along with Warsaw Cycling, who I interviewed last year as they set up shop).
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