Outbound: silence and noise

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This week’s roundup of favourite explorery internet happily pairs articles about finding silence in the world, heroes laying off too many kit purchases, then brings you some beautiful skateboards and totally babing cycling tops. Wonderful. Stories and events after the jump. Also new: find the best London adventurer events on their own special page or down the sidebar. WOO.

  • Data geniuses have figured out what the ultimate U.S. road trip looks like.
  • Have one Microadventure a month. Alastair Humphreys has a bunch of ideas for you.
  • In Search Of An Inner Silence. An Interview with Ray Mears.
  • 13 Gorgeous indie travel magazines you should be reading. With such a stunning linkbait title, who could resist? (It’s a nice article.)
  • Obviously your own travel is always more glamorous than this, but Vice’s Airportraits made me laugh: Photos of sad people doing nothing in particular in airports.
  • Isambard’s bikes (the lovely little bike shop at the top of Brick Lane) provided the bikes for this video. It’s nice. And involves powder paint. Thankfully the producers hired one model who looks genuinely delighted to be on a bike .
  • Alleycats is an action/thriller feature film exploring illegal bicycle racing in London that’s just smashed through its Kickstarter campaign. Little Wheels did an interview with the director.
  • ”One of the more difficult issues I deal with as a minimalist is taking on new hobbies — they almost all require new gear.”
  • Mnmlist touches on how to approach the urge to buy kit for new hobbies. What a simple, lovely post on keeping it simple. I very much feel like this about cycling – it was only until I’d cycled to both Brighton and Southend without padded shorts that I bought my first bit of kit.
  • Study: Hiking Makes You Happier. Let’s go find some green bits.
  • Houses built into the cliff walls in the Andalucian town of Setenil de las Bodegas. Pretty amazing.
  • Vulpine asked Nemone Metaxas to share the music that changes her commute for the better. She breaks it down into transportive, reflective & restorative, and motivating & energetic. A format I’m a fan of.
  • Jorge Primo Louw

  • Dear god I love the Machines for Freedom cycling top. It appears in Cycling Tips’ women’s kit that we love list (good time to plug my interview with Warsaw Cycling who are also in the kit roundup).
  • New Balance + Tokyo Bike trainers. Adore this collab.
  • Check out Jorge Primo’s seriously gnarly designs for Louw skateboards. These are so colourful and beautiful, and make me wish I could skate.
  • Ace to see Emily Maye shooting the latest Rapha Women’s kit. I loved her exhibition at Beach London earlier this year.
  • Does surfing have a non-girl policy? 13 year old Olive Bowers pointed out that Aussie surf mag Track’s Girl of the Month feature didn’t have much to do with surfing.
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