Outbound: talking maps, landscapes and travel as therapy

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London’s been full of lots of little goings on this week, with the Little Wheels Love Ride and artsy running magazine Like the Wind holding their first birthday party, amongst a few other bits and bobs. Online has also been full of goodness. As is typical in this little roundup of good internet bits, I like all of the below. One of my favourite thoughts around travel is about the way we use it for our heads: The School of Life sees travel as therapy and creates a map – a lovely follow up to Alain de Botton’s suggestion some time back that we could create a travel-as-therapy. It’s the makings of one. Humility, awe, dissatisfaction? Where would you go for each?

  • Radical concept: cycling is more about fun than suffering.
  • I went to get a sneak peek at some of the Bowndling prototypes and soon-to-be-released kit.
  • The Telegraph interviewed Vulpine Nick Hussey about their Vulpine collab. Brilliant.
  • If you’re a runner, have you read Pavement Bound yet? Written by some of my favourite people from Run Dem Crew, London, and Still Waters Run Deep, Manchester.
  • “This video involves skating, but I for one definitely find it more relatable than some of the running stuff out there. The voice over especially. It certainly echoes a lot of what Charlie at Run Dem Crew has to say about our city and how we see it. Plus it’s just a fucking rad, well made video.” Thanks Dougie for this find.
  • Fixed On Fixed is a short film clip profiling five female riders in Melbourne and their love of fixies.
  • “We’d rather be riding our bikes than fixing them, yes?” The rise of the mechanically-clueless generation.
  • An elevation map of London. For map nerds.
  • “You had me at feminist cycle-friendly clothing brand.” Meet this Peckham kickstarter.
  • Meanwhile if you need an inside scoop on how to get a rad 1980s fluro cycling top, my friend Tom has the inside scoop.
  • Let’s all go and stay in a Croatian lighthouse. I love that these places can actually be rented.
  • A 1000 mile race through the frozen wilderness of Alaska on foot, skis or fatbikes. As you do.
  • Jose Cabaco shot Nike running in the Andes, and it was beautiful.
  • Misc adventures UK

  • Discovering this beautifully shot adventuring brand from a Cooler mag brand roundup of the 10 best independent outdoor brands for women’s kit. The list was pretty US-centric, but I found myself getting lost in this UK brand site heavy on patches and wooden spoons; Misc Adventures. You can find a few of their pieces in Beach London, too. Hooray.
  • Cereal takes to the Dorset beach. How bloody beautiful is England? I’m absolutely in love.
  • Amazing, unreal landscapes by Jérôme Berbigier.
  • Travel as therapy: find where to go for awe, humility and sex education. As mentioned, I adore this idea.
  • Yosemite tree car
  • “My yellow Cadillac with red and green pinstripes, in the sequoia forest near Yosemite, CA, in October 1988. Dawn love-ins at Stonehenge, dune diving in Carmel… Roger Steffens met his wife when he was tripping, then spent years taking acid-soaked photos of her and his friends.” A mixture of strange acid-soaked Stone Henge and Yosemite adventures from the 1970s.
  • Notes on Blindness: Snow. ‘Filmmaker Peter Middleton Explores the Senses Through a Transformative Blizzard.’ As always, this video from Nowness is very special. “It has its own treasures.”
  • Life lessons by Brene Brown at TED. Be open and vulnerable. I’ve had this in my ears whilst putting together this list. Enjoyable and honest.
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