Outbound: London fun, dreamy stories from around the world, and the mad world of messengers

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As is typical for the start of 2015, the year has begun plotting out some hair-brained adventures. It’s going to be a brilliant year filled with nonsense, once I piece together all the various notes, pictures and emails I’ve excitedly saved and sent home into some something resembling a plan. I can’t wait to go to Dungeness, Dorset and Dunwich, and other places beginning with the letter D. As I enjoy scraping together my tattered pieces of information, enjoy these lovely tidbits from around the web. My main takeaway from it all was: god, messengers are mental aren’t they? I still can’t work out which side of the fence I sit. I’ll stay in the middle for now.

  • Free on Sunday February 15th? Come ride with Little Wheels around the city.
  • Come and celebrate artsy running magazine Like The Wind’s first birthday on Wednesday 18th Feb.
  • 12 speakers with strange and brilliant stories. Alastair Humphreys’ Night of Adventure talk is coming back to London. Get your ticket.
  • This excitable piece about underground cycling tunnels in London has been playing linkbait all week.
  • Vulpine x Hoy is live. Professional gear gets a human touch as lovely human brand Vulpine share a look at their kit collab with pro rider Chris Hoy.
  • Conor MacNeill went to the Grand Canyon and the photos are beautiful.
  • Map Porn. As the name implies.
  • Alleycats
  • Action/thriller feature film exploring the underground world of illegal bicycle racing in London. Check out the Kickstarter.
  • Can’t get enough of Allez Allez’s Instagram.
  • Have you read about how Collyn Ahart grew up on adventures then launched Bowndling adventure wear?
  • Hear Orson Welles narrate a poetic sea voyage, to a soothing soundtrack of waves. Continued niceness from Nowness.
  • I love Sam Larson’s outdoorsy stamps and drawings.
  • Make your bike ‘gallop’ using coconuts. Silly nonsense.
  • Adventures and booze recipes. Hello.
  • Composer Johnnyrandom makes beautiful music using everyday objects. This time he’s doing it with bicycle parts. Hear his Soundcloud. I absolutely love this.
  • Dreamy cycling stories from around the world. I love the Middle of Nowhere site.
  • A really bloody good article about what it’s like to freeze to death.
  • Love this little story about an adventure with Matthew the Day Pack. I also love its front opening zip and the fact it’s a buff rucksack, but it’s worth reading the words as well as just staring at the pictures.
  • “It’s going to infuriate as many people as it will excite.” Lucas Brunelle’s film on bike messenger mentality is mad. It was released earlier this month by accident, but you can still watch it for $3.
  • Stunning summary of the best ten walks in the Lake District. I’d previously thought one aimlessly strolled around the Lake District. Obviously an error.
  • Spend ten minutes reading about sun-filled adventures on two wheels in Australia.
  • Lovely Pictures of 1940s Detroit. Not strictly related to adventures in the slightest, but damn.
  • ClaireOutbound: London fun, dreamy stories from around the world, and the mad world of messengers