Outbound: San Fran seascapes, facing fears and on quitting your job to shoot the Northern Lights

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When I first started talking about adventures and noticing an interest in the value in walking up hills, my friend Alvin sent me some words on the matter. I dug them out today, alongside a bunch of super beautiful images that made me want to go travelling across America, amongst other places. These, alongside a beautiful undulating timelapse of clouds are some of my favourite things in this week’s shorter, but nevertheless excellent selection of links from around the web for you.

Alvin is one of the best people with words and thoughts that I know. He is also good at walking up hills. He sent me two great articles, that I loved. Read this:

  • Is modern communication destroying adventure..? A TEDx.
  • A Hillwalker’s Guide to Fear. Has a beautiful shot of CMD arête (a ridge I’d never heard of before), too.
  • Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 00.30.02

  • See these amazing purple San Fran sea-scapes. My response: “Are these fake?” The answer: “No, the world is just amazing.”
  • The sky and clouds in time-lapse, being just ridiculously breath-taking.
  • Still Waters Run Deep’s Alleycat video. See what happened when we ran 13 miles around the streets of Manchester armed with maps and little sense of direction. This video is excellent and makes me happy. Watch it.
  • My very excellent pal, Conor MacNeill, quit his job to travel the world with a camera. Flickr have quite rightly interviewed him about his ridiculously good photos.
  • Conor Macneill
    Ridiculously good photos, as stated.

  • Weird and wonderful velodrome photos.
  • “Questioning your apparel requirements is a healthy habit to practice. Did I need that cycling tutu? No, actually I did not, I already had two.” A wise guide to cycling jackets.
  • Henry Hunt came to shoot Run Dem Crew at track. Some nice post-track moments.
  • Hello Autumn. Buff yellow water bottles and knitted red socks. Pedal and Thread’s instagram feed is beautiful, full of lovely things and making me love the falling of the leaves.

    “It’s a challenge, it’s adventure, it’s joy. But I suppose the most important thing is being continually reminded that you’re a bit of a knob yourself.” – Ripcor

  • Pretty silly but sweet little riding trailer about a pack of MAMILs riding around some proper bendy-curvy style scenery. (It’s showing in London’s Prince Charles cinema soon.)
  • On the subject of cycling around the world, see this awesome video.
  • ClaireOutbound: San Fran seascapes, facing fears and on quitting your job to shoot the Northern Lights