Outbound: wow, the world in photos and words

In Outbound by Claire

This weekend we had a bash at cycling from London to the west coast; 156 miles in total. I wanted to go and see a pier – a beautiful old Grade 1 pier that excites me no end. In the photos it looks stunning, always set against an emptiness of grey with nothing around it. We idled our way there, setting out from London at 4am and making it to Windsor to watch the sun rise, a bright red, at 6am. Past the castle and into the countryside, through hanging mist around the bottom of the trees where it got cold, the route was stunning. We ended up finishing around the Wessex Downs (“just before the good bit”) so we’re going to have another bash in a few weeks. In the meantime, here’s a roundup full of beautiful things from around the world which make me feel like I’ve fallen in love with the world a little bit more.

  • Most importantly, this website about 1800 miles on vintage 10 speeds blows my mind. The storytelling and the huge, beautiful pictures fill me with joy.
  • Find somewhere to lose yourself. Photo by Middle of Nowhere.
  • Stunning travel photos that are done a complete disservice by even being termed ‘travel photos’ and should instead be called ‘wow, the world’.
  • Tickets for London’s Spin Christmas (bike expo type thing for people who like bikes) on 5th – 7th December are now available. They’re free but you need to sign up before they sell out.
  • “Not only did I plan to break the record, I wanted to have a proper adventure. I wanted to be the first record holder who’s visited Africa and South America on the journey; in fact the only continent I didn’t visit is Antarctica because it’s got no roads and is a bit cold.” – On setting the record for cycling around the world.

  • Follow this same chap, Vin Cox, through the medium of video as he reaches Malaysia. Grounded and pleasing.
  • All-City-Colorado-16-1335x889Colorado day tripping with exceptional photos by Jeff Frane.

  • Stylistic sexiness from dusk till dawn. The Warriors’ unique summer ride.
  • Adventure embroidery craft love.
  • “A year in the rainy city.” Inspired by London’s Run Dem Crew, three people in their mid-twenties created Still Waters Run Deep: a Manchester run crew. This month they held an Alleycat-style running race to celebrate their first birthday (it was ridiculously good) and they’ve created a film to tell their story about why they run. Tres bien.
  • Rise and Shine. Punchy morning inspiration from Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte.
  • ““How hard can it be?” That was the question I posed to my flatmate early this year when considering the merits of climbing Mont Blanc. This was, with hindsight, perhaps a touch naïve. […] I could content myself with browsing mountaineering shops to buy over-priced use-once-in-a-lifetime kit, and picturing the Go Pro footage being displayed in the window of Nike Town.”

  • A somewhat grounded and normal chap from Psychle goes off to climb Mont Blanc.
  • Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 00.52.44
    Dear Leila’s shots of La Reserve de Nice make me want to go and jump in the sea from great heights, stat.

  • “You can say it. I was a dickhead.” A wonderful excerpt in which Mark Cavendish does some reminiscing and gets slightly philosophical about how he’s changed in the last few years. I like these behind-the-racing moments.
  • Some buff bike copy. Sometimes when people use words it’s just bloody great, isn’t it? Here are some ace ones about a bicycle my pal at work is very excited about buying.
  • ‘Trackside ’85’ photography exhibition of the six days race in Berlin, 1985, launches at Look Mum, No Hands – and what a blissful explanation. “Cyclists relentlessly grind out lap after lap on the velodrome while the crowd’s attention slowly turns from bikes to beer. Inside the track the cyclists are reduced to satellites orbiting the microcosm of the this inner livelihood where dreams of honour and glory, hopes for romance, and escaping from the daily grind subsist as the riders relentlessly push on in the slowly thickening cigarette smoke of the arena. The parallel between this scene and Berlin – a city in exile with it’s citizens trying to maintain a life of normality within the wall – is palpable.”
  • As ever, really enjoying The Level Collective’s Instagram. These UK-Based adventure connoisseurs have a really sweet feed.
  • Some important skating boarding on roofs.
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