Outbound: depression and running, trends in boob shape, and painfully stylish cycling videos

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It’s two AM and I find myself organising a list of what largely consists of cycling videos. What’s great about all of them is how stylised they are. I find myself getting hung up on this more than anything. Mostly they’re all sleek and stunning, artsy little things, each interesting in its own impressive way (and then there’ll be a mad rogue one that appears in the mix, wild and weird, too). Move over amateur go-pros; some of these are stunners. On top of that, a few of my friends have both been doing awesome things this week and launching new projects (some of which are even unrelated to cycling). Always excellent.

  • The guys that have created what’s pretty much the only beautiful running magazine, Like the Wind, bring it to life with one week of running-related exhibitions and talks.
  • My friend Dani is an ace female cyclist and rides fixed gear bikes around East London. She’s made a rad site about stories and snaps called Little Wheels. Less coffee, more fun.
  • Have a High speed tour of San Francisco hills with the TCB messengers. You’ll leave feeling psyched to ride (and I’ll get sentimental about my travels there earlier this year).
  • Here’s what my September in 60 seconds looked like.
  • “On the road you’re never able to go full speed. On a track there will be never be any danger. What I really like about the track is that when you arrive fast in the curves, you can feel the pressure of the curve and turn.” – Track Life

  • Track life. The trailer for Velodrome feature French accents and a silent, moody soundtrack.
  • East London is having a photography festival. From Tokyo to Whitechapel.
  • Roraima2
  • Receiving photos of 1km high cliffs in Roraima in Venezuela on the daily from my friend Nick who’s out there trekking around. Just look at this place.
  • The Ridge. Danny Macaskill heads to his native home of the Isle of Skye in Scotland to take on a death-defying ride along the notorious Cuillin Ridgeline. Views to hold your breath.
  • ICNY winter gear is rad. Get seen on the roads without looking like a pillock; a key life skill. I love their striped jumper. Also see: socks.
  • This guy has an excellent orange raincoat and some interesting stories on his first experiences of riding Brooklyn and the Red Hook Crit in 2014.
  • Have you seen the videos of the guy that climbs tall stuff?
  • Learning tricks is tricky. Here’s some calm and smooth car park two wheel practicing.
  • There’s something wonderful about the mid-air flying feet of BMXers in slow motion.
  • Caroline-Pauleau-les-pyrenees
  • How great are these shots of the green peaks of the Pyrenees? Awesome shots by Caroline Pauleau, who shot Warsaw Cycling earlier this year.
  • The Gobi March ultra: a 155-mile, seven-day antidote to modern life.
  • “I’m poor as a mouse. Fashion doesn’t matter anymore because we’re making our own. I’m also learning crazy things like that there are trends in boob shape.” – Collyn Ahart

  • Trends on boob shape and other things. Collyn Ahart is learning about running a startup. A slightly old article I found myself coming back to this week, and still love.
  • Depression and running. A few moments from behind shooting 30 miles in the canyon, alongside some absolutely stunning scenery.
  • Follow that up with some necessary seaside calm. Meditation at the shoreline.
  • “Walking to Listen” – a lovely journey walking across America. An interview for #Adventure1000.
  • Light relief. Can’t watch enough of a naughty cyclist being tipped off a bridge.
  • ClaireOutbound: depression and running, trends in boob shape, and painfully stylish cycling videos