Outbound: glass houses, outlawed jungles, and London illustration

In Outbound by Claire

These have been some amazing, beautiful and impossible-to-look-away-from videos put out in the last week or so. From high speed skating or cycling against the traffic on the way to the a Columbia/Panama jungle, or cycling the beautiful Hiroshima prefecture, the internet has it covered. Nearer to home, there’s also a lot of ace arts stuff – film and illustration – going on in London that’s really exciting.

“In what Olson calls a “spur-of-the-moment decision,” the new couple quit their jobs, rented a U-Haul and began driving state to state to find the right windows for a home made completely of glass.”

  • It’s hard not to love this.
  • Downhill skateboarded James Kelly soars down these roads. Blindingly quick boarding, and shot like it’s out of a rucksack look book, too.
  • Lucas Brunelle and some incredibly talented people cycled through the most secluded jungle on the earth, the Darien Gap, between Colombia and Panama. I couldn’t take my eyes off all of it.
  • Roadtripping Japan: biking around the beautiful Hiroshima prefecture. Dive straight into the stunning trailer.
  • “If you like bikes and you like looking at nice things with your eyes this is for you.” Stoked that Art Crank is back in London on October 10-11th (opening party: Friday 10th).
  • The Bicycle Film Festival’s on this week. From October 3-6th catch two wheel goodness. We’re told to see the urban bike shorts which has two screenings saturday evening for a good mix of films with something for everyone.
  • Move over tweed ride, go riding in the name of Wool. The Campaign for Wool are taking you down 13.4 miles of London scenery and fashion-centric wool-related streets.
  • The team from Kennedy Bicycles take you on a tour of their London studio.
  • TomAireyDungeness17By Tom Airey

  • Everyone who’s visited to Dungeness in Kent calls it weird. It’s also a playground for photography and these snaps by Tom Airey just help show what a curious little spot it is. Naturally, we want to cycle there now.
  • “I try to encourage myself to ‘go forth’ as much as possible.” Andrew Groves makes ace illustrations, with an outdoor fixation. They rock.
  • When he’s not making art, he’s either living in a small barn on the Sussex downs or talking about adventures and pens on the internet. I really like his answers.
  • One of my favourite Portland photography hero types, Tally Gunstone, shares her favourite three Instagrammers. The three feeds of @alexstrohl (LA and Vancouver), @charleyzheng (another Portlander) and @willett (out and about) are pretty stunning.
  • Adidas goes snowboarding in Japan in the first of three ‘Nomad’ installments.
  • The Guardian’s best places to ride in the UK is a vague little list, but does contain one of my favourite lines: “whoever came up with Sustrans bike route 47 is an absolute sadist.”
  • Laura-Plageman-pfeiffer_beach

    By Laura Plageman

  • How beautiful is Burning Man? This time lapse of last year’s event is absolutely stunning. Put your world on pause and disappear into this one for a bit.
  • On the same note, sometimes it’s nice to imagine you’re standing in the middle of a desert as the sun comes up. Good soundtrack.
  • Minecraft nerdery of the biggest scale. The brilliant people at Ordnance Survey have released their second iteration of Great Britain as a Minecraft map. Click to see one very happy intern. Worth downloading the program just for this, frankly.
  • Christopher Columbus used the Martellus map to discover the world. Historians are having a fine time discovering hidden text on the 500-year-old map.
  • Getting functional. Useful article on how to make your bike look hot and feel like new, without buying a new bike.
  • Finally, an adventure for the head rather than the feet. I tried my first Sunday Assembly this month; it was totally odd – I loved it.
  • ClaireOutbound: glass houses, outlawed jungles, and London illustration