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I’ve become a lot more interested in adventures in the last year, especially those on bikes because you can cover such a decent distance with very little effort. They’re also very bonding, eye-opening and good for the head. A lot of the things I’ve seen around adventures and exploring are all either quite lofty or incredibly sport-focused. I love a bike race but I’m more interested in reading about the exploring and curious side of it all, too. There didn’t seem to be too much that talked about this, and did so in a particularly sexy way.

Secondly, some of the things I’ve done this year sound harder than they are. I’d like to start making it clear how easy and interesting a lot of the really fun things I’ve been doing are.

So, Detour’s full of adventures, ideas and inspiration, interviews, a little instruction and a lot of photos, too. It’s all from a London-perspective with rides starting mostly in London but sometimes they go further afield. I’m also interested in the culture around it all, and there’s a lot of cool stuff that goes down in the city, too.

That’s the gist of it. There’s a little more on the about page.

And Detour is officially live now. Hooray!

Here are four other awesome things from the week.

1. Pilgrim x Kickstarter

I’ve never interviewed someone before. Well, strictly speaking I’ve done it for work, but there’s something deliciously more normal about doing it in a noisy coffee shop, with a hastily downloaded iPhone app to replace my housemate’s broken dictaphone. It reverts back to feeling much more like a normal chat you can get swept up in, rather than having a camera over your shoulder.

Tom Probert, whose Kickstarter kicked off with a 250% backing in September, readily agreed to be my first interviewee. I’m pleasantly surprised by the number of people who seem willingly up for chatting about their lives. Everyone always has interesting stories. It’s a pleasure to be able to hear them.

We met at Tap 114 near Tottenham Court Road and ate cake. Well, I ate cake – he mostly talked. He makes some wicked T-Shirts. I enjoyed visiting his favourite coffee shop. That interview will be up very soon. In the meantime, fund his Kickstarter.


2. Exploring Mersea Island

I cycled to Mersea Island with a few friends. It’s a beautiful, quiet little spot that periodically becomes an island dependent on the tide. At high tide, the cars have to roll carefully along the flooded road to get across. Luckily, we timed it right. A lovely long, quick and quiet cycle for clearing the head, and the first time I’d tried crab, lobster and oysters. The verdict is mostly out on all of these. The verdict most definitely in on the hot donuts, though.

3. TSH love-in

An exciting parcel from Ten Speed Hero arrived. The moral of this month is: always buy yourself lots of unnecessary birthday presents. Their designs are awesome, fit spot on, and more than worth the fact I was stung by customs.

I bloody love their little newspaper. It’s more like photography and philosophy than news, really, which is perhaps better.

4. Reflectors

Finally, some magnetic reflectors arrived in the post from Without Walls. Not entirely sure how exciting these are yet and whether they warrant any sort of excitement. That said, I can chat all day about my roll-up mudguard so perhaps there’s scope for a 2,000 word essay yet. Stay tuned.

ClaireDetour is live